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#BookGiveaway Spotlight on Andie Brock, Bound by His Desert Diamond

This week Spotlight on Author is on Andie Brock and her latest release,  Bound by His Desert Diamond. And there's a giveaway of a kindle copy to one commenter!

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Summer, every time! I hate the cold and I’m the first person to be pulling on my jumper at the slightest chill. But I can take plenty of heat. A scorching Greek island in August – fine by me!

Crackling fireplace. One of the few good things about winter in my opinion. We have an open fire at home and light it as a weekend treat during the winter.

I loved writing the scene where Annalina and Zahir meet for the first time on the bridge in Paris. They are both pretty pumped up, Annalina fleeing from her engagement party and Zahir determined to bring her back. He lunges at Anna, wrongly thinking she is about throw herself into the River Seine. Let’s just say she is not impressed!

Princess Annalina has reluctantly agreed to marry the king of the Nabatean to save her country from financial ruin. But at the engagement party in Paris she realises she can’t go through with it and flees. Anna is followed and confronted by a dark stranger who is determined to take her back to meet her fate. When a photographer spots them together Anna seizes the chance to make herself appear disreputable by pulling this fearsome man into a passionate clinch. But far from solving her problems, Anna has just increased them tenfold. Because the brutally handsome stranger is none other than the king’s brother, Prince Zahir Zahani. And now Princess Annalina finds herself engaged to him!

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